What you have to do to block Vodafone landline calls

By blocking calls on your Vodafone landline you can prevent a phone from calling you . You can block the calls that you receive on your landline, but also those that you receive on your mobile. Block Vodafone landline calls and prevent them from bothering you.What do I need to know?

How to block calls to the Vodafone landline

With any of the rates that include internet in Vodafone, a landline phone line with unlimited calls to both landlines and mobiles will be included. If you want to prevent a certain phone number from calling your landline, you can block calls whether you want to block incoming calls from a certain number or if you want to block outgoing calls to a number.

First of all, if what you want is to block calls to your Vodafone landline from a certain number, you will have to contact the operator and provide them with the number or numbers you want to prevent calls from being made to you.

Usually what people usually do is block numbers that call to sell products in which they are not interested, or numbers that call at hours when they can be intrusive. In either case, it will be as simple as calling the toll-free number 910 053 495 or going to one of their stores and asking them to block all calls that come to you from that number.

Depending on the model of landline you have , you may also be able to block calls to your Vodafone landline from the device itself. If you don’t know how you can do it, contact Vodafone and they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Block calls from landline to special numbers

Another case that can occur is that you want to block calls from your home landline to certain numbers that may entail a special rate . For example, if you want to prevent someone at home from calling a number for a contest or for voting , you can activate this service from the My Vodafone customer area :

  • Enter your username and password in the personal area
  • In the main menu, find your landline phone line
  • At the top click Options
  • Scroll down and look for the call restriction section
  • Move the button that you will find there depending on whether you want to activate or deactivate the call blocking service

Block Vodafone phone number

In the same way that you can block calls made to your Vodafone landline , you can also block a specific phone number.

If you want to block calls made by a certain number, you can do it directly from your device. When you receive a call from a number that you want to prevent from being able to call you more, you can access the call log and select that number that you want to block .

Access more information and there select the option to add to the black list, which can also appear as blocking number. After doing this, all calls made to you from that number will be blocked and will not reach you.Lock phone by IMEI Vodafone

Alternative to blocking Vodafone landline calls

If you want to avoid answering calls to your landline from certain numbers but you do not want to block calls, what you can do is hire the Vodafone caller ID service , with which you can see at all times which number is the one that is calling and you can avoid taking the call.Deactivate Vodafone redial

Not all fixed devices offer this option, since, as you can imagine, the device has to have a screen where you can see what the number is making the call every time they call you.

The caller ID is a good alternative if you do not want to block calls to the Vodafone landline, and to activate it you will simply have to call the Vodafone customer service number 910 053 468 since it is a service that cannot be managed from the area of customers.

Hiring this service carries a monthly cost of 2 euros, yes, you can deactivate it whenever you want and activate it whenever you want . It is a very useful service that most Vodafone customers hire to know at all times who is the person making the call.How to deactivate the Vodafone caller ID

Another option that Vodafone offers you related to telephony services is to activate the Vodafone call waiting , so that you can answer two calls, leaving one of them on hold while you answer another.

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