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QR Code in advertising use: this is how it is used

The QR Code consists of a code to be scanned using special apps on the smartphone, which allows access to more specific information and content concerning a certain theme. For example, in recent months we have found QR Codes instead of the menu at the restaurant: it was enough to scan the code to read the menu directly from the mobile phone screen. But not only that: today it is also possible to use the QR Code to do marketing and more and more companies have found original ways to do it, involving their customers and consequently obtaining great successes.

The Quick Response codes, therefore, are tools that are also perfect for Marketing and it is not difficult to understand why: they are equipped with much more information than traditional barcodes and can integrate, with many digital contents, even original ones (e.g. websites web, video, and so on) the information of an advertising product. In essence, QR Codes can become a tool to provide insights to consumers, and can improve communication with them and engagement.

QR Codes are therefore a valid marketing strategy and can also be used for real advertising communication. Among the most suitable uses for QR Codes, for example, those to integrate a paper advertising campaign with useful information; those of making a pleasant surprise to the customer (for example, packaging a gift voucher, a discount and so on in the QR Code), that of increasing engagement by giving away a video, a funny film, useful information about the product. In short, QR Codes are a solution that also allows you to enrich the way of digital advertising, especially if you study your target well.

Using the QR Code in marketing: here are some practical examples

How can you use the QR Code in your business to creatively increase marketing? QR Codes can be exploited, and we see it all the time, in many different ways. Eg

  1. Create special coupons. Do you want to increase the engagement of your customers? You can do this by exploiting the QR Codes to involve them directly, for example by hiding coupons and special offers within the offer codes. For example, you can give discount vouchers using QR Codes, perhaps even personalized ones.
  2. Use the QR Code as a payment method. By means of ad hoc POS you can also use QR Codes as tools for payment from the phone, if the customer wishes.
  3. Create personalized tickets for your customers, which they can read using the QR Code app.
  4. Connecting the real and in-store experience. You can improve the shopping experience within your store by means of the QR Code: just use the code at the point of sale to allow the customer to acquire more information about a product, an offer, discount codes and so on.
  5. Provide customers with How-To, instructions and practical guides or product suggestions (recipes and much more) using the convenience of a QR Code since today everyone has a smartphone to read it.
  6. Organize a prize contest: this is always a very welcome opportunity for customers and also allows you to improve their engagement with your business initiatives. Obviously, you can participate in the competition using a QR Code.
  7. You can advertise with QR Codes. Many companies already advertise themselves using QR Codes: you can do it too, it’s not difficult but you need a little creativity to create memorable advertisements, perhaps taking inspiration from some famous examples.

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