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Is your device ready for the safe use of QR codes

Ivanti has presented the results of its study on the QR code and the perception of consumers about its use, which reveals that its use continues to increase with 57% of respondents, who claim to have increased since mid-March 2020.

At the beginning of the pandemic, QRs were used in restaurants or in payment options. However, today, consumers use it for practical purposes such as attending a consultation or picking up a prescription, increasing its use from 9% in 2020 to 14% in 2021.

“Because of the pandemic, employees are using their mobile devices more than ever. There is no doubt that as the popularity and use of QR codes grows, hackers will increasingly take advantage of it to infiltrate devices and steal corporate data, ”said Chris Goettl, CEO of Product Management at Ivanti.

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Consumers have started to feel more comfortable using the codes for financial use. Thus, 65% declared having noticed an increase in the number of establishments that allowed payments through QR codes, and 87% said they felt safe.

In the new Everywhere Workplace, employees need to be able to access corporate data and applications from any device, wherever and however they work.

Despite the fact that 39% of consumers use their phones more due to social distancing, only 51% of those surveyed said they have security software installed on their mobile devices.

If this is coupled with the lack of knowledge of what can happen by scanning a QR code, the security threat increases considerably, both for the user and for your company.

QRs were used in restaurants or in payment options. However, today, consumers use it for practical purposes

Is your device safe for the use of QR codes?

Here are some facts about how users could be exposing themselves and their companies when scanning a code:

  • 47% of the participants knew that a QR code can open a URL
  • However, only 37% were aware that a QR code can download an application, and only 22% knew that a QR code can reveal their physical location.
  • Two-thirds of those surveyed were confident that they could identify a malicious URL , but only 39% claimed to be able to identify a malicious QR code.
  • 49% stated that they do not have, or do not know if they have, security installed on their mobile device.

The Ivanti solution

The company offers an MTD solution that protects and fixes known and unknown threats against Android and iOS devices, including malicious code.

MTD provides the ideal deployment, detection, and remediation solution to defend against attacks at the device, network, and application levels. Also, no end-user action is required to install the MTD on mobile devices that are registered with the Ivanti UEM client.

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