How does Vodafone data roaming work?

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What is Vodafone data roaming for ? We explain step by step how to activate or deactivate it and in which cases it is advisable to leave it deactivated so that we are not charged for it.What do I need to know?

What is Vodafone data roaming?

The data roaming Vodafone allows us to use the coverage other than phone companies Vodafone. Thanks to Vodafone data roaming, you can use other mobile networks in areas where Vodafone coverage does not reach .How to know the ICC of my Vodafone SIM

Connecting data roaming is recommended above all for MVNOs that use coverage from other operators or in those cases in which you are going to travel abroad and need to use the coverage of telephone companies in another country.

Activate Vodafone data roaming

To deactivate or activate Vodafone roaming you have to access the settings menu of your phone, the process will be different depending on your operating system.


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  • Activate Vodafone data roaming on iPhone : these devices work under the iOS operating system, follow the following path and click on the box to activate data roaming (if it is disabled):
    • Settings> mobile data> data roaming
  • Activate Vodafone data roaming on Android : if you have an Android mobile, follow the following route and click on the “data roaming” box if it is disabled:
    • Settings> wireless & networks> mobile networks> data roaming

Keep in mind that the name of the different settings sections of your phone may vary very slightly depending on the brand of your smartphone and the version of the operating system (if it is a more current or older one).

But even so, the names are so similar, that you will have no difficulty activating Vodafone data roaming.

If you later want to deactivate Vodafone data roaming , you just have to follow the same procedure and leave the “data roaming” box unchecked.

Vodafone data roaming roaming

To use the internet abroad you must have Vodafone data roaming activated . You will not need to do anything else, the smartphone will automatically connect to the foreign network at the destination when you turn on your phone.

It will be useful to enjoy roaming in Portugal, roaming in France, and roaming in Europe in general.

However, if you are going to travel abroad, you will probably spend more data than normal since you will have to make more inquiries than usual. If you want to contract the rates with more data from the operator to surf the Internet at maximum 4G and 5G speed, you have the option of contracting the Vodafone mobile rates .

Among them, you will have the option of choosing an unlimited Vodafone rate to activate the Vodafone tethering , although we already warn you that the gigabytes are not infinite, but there is a maximum limit of megabytes that you can spend. There is no Vodafone unlimited rate available , but with gigs more than enough.Vodafone Contract Deals

Before traveling abroad you must make sure that you do not have any active roaming restrictions that prevent your phone from connecting to a foreign network:

  1. Enter the Vodafone customer area with your credentials
  2. Once inside, select your mobile line
  3. Access the “Options and settings” tab that you will find in the top menu
  4. Now, select the tab “Line restrictions”

Remember that Vodafone roaming allows you to use your current rate abroad as if you were in Spain. But as we have commented previously, before traveling abroad:

  • Activate Vodafone data roaming
  • Make sure you have no roaming restrictions
  • Also, call Vodafone, so they can make sure that you will have roaming in the country to which you are going to travel and that they inform you about the possible existing limits of reasonable use applicable to your rate

Vodafone data roaming: price

Surely when activating Vodafone data roaming you will have received the following warning:

  • Data roaming may incur additional data usage fees. Enable anyway?

Faced with such a notice, it is normal for you to think that you may be charged for activating said service. Don’t worry, Vodafone doesn’t charge for data roaming usage .

The risk of activating data roaming is if you do it living in a border area (if you are not going to travel and you live in an area bordering another country), in this case it is advisable to have the data roaming service disabled .

In this case, your phone could connect to a foreign network generating additional charges, if the roaming service is not included in that country or we exceed the roaming limit in our rate.

All this is also valid if you contract a data rate for your Vodafone portable Wi-Fi router .

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