April 2021 Free Codes for PUBG Mobile and How to Enter Them

PUBG Mobile has many codes available to obtain weapons, skins and other objects for free. We share the best active codes that you can redeem this April 2021 in the Battle Royale of iOS and Android.

If we talk about Battle Royale games, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was always one of the kings, despite the fact that Fortnite has been gaining ground in recent years. However, PUBG Mobile has made a well-deserved niche within the mobile market , with an excellent version for iOS and Android .

Surely you already know that in PUBG Mobile you can redeem free codes , through which you can get weapons, skins and improvements to use in the game. Of course, you must be careful, because many expire in a single day or are available in certain regions.

As we know that it is not easy to be aware of these codes, we have prepared a list of the best free codes of April 2021 to redeem in PUBG Mobile , and also the steps to enter them in the game interface.

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In case you don’t know if a code for the month of April is active or not , or you don’t know how to enter them, here we share a guide to become a better PUBG Mobile player, thanks to these codes. Remember that they are only valid for the iOS and Android version , not for PC and consoles.

April 2021 Free Codes for PUBG Mobile and How to Enter Them

In PUBG Mobile it is possible to enter codes that give you access, for free, to new weapons, skins, objects and special features to use within the game. Each month a series of codes are available , which you can easily redeem on your PC or mobile phone, either Android or iOS.

There is always the risk that a code has expired, but in this case we have brought you a total of 9 active codes for PUBG Mobile , while we have had to leave out many others, which had already expired. We teach you how to redeem them.

The first thing we have to do is access this link , which will take you to the official PUBG page . Select the upper left corner, where the link for the Mobile version is displayed. Once there, you must enter your ID in the game and then you will be able to see your avatar.

Then, you will be in the specific section to redeem the PUBG Mobile codes . Enter the code you want to redeem and your user ID , and later also the verification code that will be provided to you. Make sure all the details are correct.

If you have followed the steps correctly, a notice will appear that the code has been successfully redeemed , and the items you have redeemed will be available to you through the email you have linked to your account. If it fails, try retrying with another verification code. We leave you with the active codes of April 2021 for PUBG Mobile .

  • LUCKY : Redeem for Combat Driver Set (Duration one day)
  • R3HABPUBGM : Redeem for R3HAB – Star Alignment (duration 60 days)
  • HAPPYRAMADAN : Redeem for Jester Hero Set (lasts one day)
  • RAMADANMUBARAK : Redeem for a Jester Hero Helmet (lasts one day)
  • RAMADANKAREEM : Redeem for a Duelist Set (lasts one day)
  • HEALTH : Redeem for a Combat Diver Set (lasts one day)
  • HAPPINESS : Redeem for an underground team (duration one day)
  • PEACE : Redeem for the set of piglets (duration one day)
  • BEAUTY : Redeem for a duelist set (lasts one day)

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