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Call for free and find out 900 920 786

If you are looking to contact Vodafone customer service, the most practical way is to make a call. Here you have all the free Vodafone phones for any type of management.Contact Vodafone What do I need to know?

Vodafone free phone 900 920 480

Vodafone has several customer service phone numbers. The Vodafone non-customer telephone number is 900 920 480 . You can also call Vodafone from another operator with the same number.

These are the main Vodafone free phones:

Vodafone Customer Service Phones
Phone Hire Vodafone900 920 480
Vodafone customer phone22123
Telephone number of Vodafone clients900 920 480
Vodafone Phone Faults22122
Telephone to call Vodafone from another operator900 920 480
Telephone to call Vodafone from abroad+34 607 123 000
Vodafone Business Phone910 053 495
Vodafone Telephone for the Self-Employed910 053 480

Vodafone phones for individuals

Vodafone telephones for individuals are the ones you can call if you already have a contracted Vodafone service . Through these phones you can get help if you are already a Vodafone customer and you have a breakdown problem, you need to renew your products or if you want to make a rate change to save.

These are the phones you need to have on hand:

Vodafone Private Customer Phones

  • Telephone Improve your Vodafone Rate: 900 920 786
  • Vodafone customer phone: 22123
  • Vodafone breakdown phone: 22123
  • Telephone to cancel Vodafone: 123
  • Vodafone phone if calling from abroad: +34 607 123 000
  • Vodafone Diamond Customers Telephone: 1212
  • Vodafone Platinum Customers Telephone: 22160
  • Vodafone phone in other languages: 22189

Vodafone customer service for non-customers

If, on the contrary, you still do not have a relationship with the company and you do not know how to contact Vodafone without being a customer, here is the list to hire, request information, etc.

Vodafone phones for non-customers

  • Telephone Contract Vodafone: 900 920 480
  • Vodafone phone if you call from another operator: 900 920 480
  • Vodafone phone if calling from abroad: +34 607 123 000

Vodafone Phones for Companies and Self-Employed

If you have contracted the Vodafone Empresas service , you can get personalized attention for your business by calling the Vodafone Empresas customer service number .

Vodafone Business Phones

  • Vodafone Business phone: 910 053 495
  • Vodafone phone if you are Self-Employed: 910 053 480
  • Vodafone Business phone if calling from abroad: +34 607 100 122
  • Vodafone Business phone if you buy online: 900 920 480
  • Vodafone Business phone if you need to be attended in another language: 22189

By getting in touch through these business numbers, you will find information related to Vodafone for Self-Employed in a differentiated way, as well as options to hire, for example, Vodafone football in your bar and other television options.

Vodafone claim phone

The telephone number to claim at Vodafone is 22123 .If you do not want to use the telephone, to file a claim with Vodafone Spain you can also send a notification to its post office:

Vodafone claims shipping address: Vodafone España, SAU, Avenida de América 115; 28042, Madrid .

Check all the steps you must follow to file a claim with Vodafone in the following post:Vodafone claims: phone number and steps to follow

Vodafone toll-free number to call from Movistar

If you want to call Vodafone from Movistar you can do so by calling 900 920 480 if you are calling from Spain. This call will be free for all Movistar customers, regardless of the rate they have.

Also, remember that from a Movistar number, or from any other operator, you can also contact the customer service for Vodafone breakdowns .

Vodafone customer service: chat, mail and other channels

Calling by phone is always the fastest option when carrying out any procedure, although you can also use other Vodafone customer service channels such as chat or email:

  • Vodafone online customer service: through the Vodafone chat you can get in touch with the company to resolve all your questions or concerns. The Vodafone chat appears while browsing the Help section of the official Vodafone website, always depending on the availability of the operator’s agents at that time.
  • Through WhatsApp : Talk to Vodafone for free by sending a WhatsApp to 607 100 100 from a Vodafone mobile line with internet.
  • Vodafone customer service email: you can send all your questions to the address [email protected]
  • On the Vodafone help page : the help section of the Vodafone page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions from Vodafone users in recent years. Use the search engine on the help page to quickly find the topic of the question to be resolved.
  • In a Vodafone store : go to your nearest Vodafone store and consult your question or problem with one of the Vodafone agents

What hours does Vodafone customer service have?

Vodafone customer service hours will depend on the telephone number you are contacting, since each one has different hours. Vodafone customer service hours are as follows:

  • Vodafone customer service : 24 hour service
  • Attention from abroad and non-Vodafone numbers : 24-hour service
  • Vodafone contracting phone : Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Customer service in another language : Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Why call Vodafone customer service?

At the end of the day, the customer service of the operators resolve a lot of doubts or incidents of different kinds, the reasons for calling customer service can be innumerable, we highlight the most frequent:

  • Contract any new Vodafone rate
  • Buy a new device or smartphone.
  • Hire My Vodafone TV and its different packages.
  • Doubts about Vodafone invoices : manage or consult any procedure related to invoices such as checking consumption, erroneous figures …
  • Manage your Vodafone line : add services, Vodafone password management, add additional lines, among other options.
  • Check the Vodafone coverage in your area before hiring a fiber rate.
  • Check the status of orders or repairs .
  • Report breakdowns to Vodafone.
  • If you need to make arrangements such as owner changes in Vodafone .
  • If you are looking for a Vodafone offer for new customers .
  • Request a change of address at Vodafone .

Get in touch with Vodafone easilyCall for free and find out900 920 786

My Vodafone customer area

So that you can check your consumption and see the data of your rate that you have spent, the operator has also made the My Vodafone app available to its customers .

This application for mobiles and tablets is the replacement for the old Vodafone Start service and allows you to manage all the lines and services that you have contracted. Download it for free and access your client area with your username and password .Download the My Vodafone app for free

In addition, the company has secret codes so that you can activate or deactivate some of its services with your mobile. Discover them below:

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