Manage the call waiting service on your phone

Activate or deactivate the call waiting service in Vodafone as many times as you want from your mobile or My Vodafone. This service allows you to receive calls when you are already talking to someone and it is completely free.What do I need to know?

What is the Vodafone call waiting service

The service call waiting Vodafone is a free service that lets you receive a second call when you’re already on the phone and identify who it is. When you receive that second call, you can choose between:

  • Continue with the call and do not answer or reject the second incoming call
  • Hang up the first call and answer the second
  • Answer the second call and put the one you were taking on hold
  • Take the second call and make a joint call

Except for the last option, in the rest of the cases the calls will be private and what you speak in one will not be heard in the other, you can also switch from one call to another as many times as you want.

It is a service that private clients do not use much, however, it is common that when you contact a certain company, they put the call on hold until the person who has to attend you does it or while they finish making some Procedure. You can even liven up that period of time with a Vodafone waiting tone .

What you can also do is lengthen the Vodafone ringtones , so you will have more time to take the call and you will not miss it.

Another option that the operator offers its customers is the call to three Vodafone and if you do not want to miss any important calls you can activate the Vodafone call forwarding .Block Vodafone landline calls

How to activate Vodafone call waiting?

To activate the Vodafone call waiting service from your mobile, dial the following numbers:

  • Activate call waiting: * 43 #

In addition, you can also activate this service together with call hold . To do it at the same time, you just have to check:

  • Activate: * 43 # ENV
  • Check status: * # 43 # ENV

You just have to dial the USSD Vodafone code on the keyboard. In this way you will activate the call waiting service quickly and directly.Call me code I have no Vodafone balance

How to deactivate Vodafone call waiting?

To deactivate the Vodafone call waiting service from your mobile, dial the following code:

  • Deactivate call waiting: # 43 #

In addition, you can also deactivate this service together with call retention . To do so, you just have to mark:

  • Disable: # 43 # ENV
  • Check status: * # 43 # ENV

For both the first and second options, you just have to dial the code on the keyboard as if you were making a call to a normal number . In this way you will deactivate the call waiting service quickly and directly.

How to activate and deactivate call waiting from My Vodafone?

To activate or deactivate the call waiting service from My Vodafone you have to follow these steps:

  • Enter your username and password in the customer area
  • In the main menu, click on the option My Products
  • Click on the line on which you want to activate or deactivate call waiting
  • Select Options and Settings
  • Select Call Options
  • Go to the Call waiting option and activate or deactivate the option depending on what you want to do

If you also have a landline and want to activate or deactivate call waiting, you will have to follow the same steps, but in this case, instead of selecting your mobile line in the main menu, you will have to click on the option landline phone , and then follow the same steps.

This is not the only service that you can enable and disable on your phone. You can also remove the Vodafone answering machine so that the voice mailbox does not skip, deactivate the Vodafone redial , or eliminate the Vodafone dicta sms service .

Call waiting service price

The Vodafone call waiting service has no added cost , neither for you nor for the person making the call. Activating or deactivating the service also has no cost and you can do it as many times as you want .

In the same way, if you make a call to someone and leave the call on hold, you will be charged the normal price of a call according to the rate you have contracted and the cost of the Vodafone call establishment that is set in your rate. In addition, the time you are waiting will count as call minutes and will be charged as such according to your rate.

If your rate has unlimited calls or you are only charged for the call establishment , you should not worry too much if someone leaves you on hold.Call with hidden Vodafone number

How do you know who is calling with Vodafone call waiting?

To see who is calling you when you are making a call, you just have to look at it on the screen of your smartphone or landline . With the Vodafone call waiting service you will receive an acoustic signal that will notify you when the new call arrives so you can check who it is.

In order to know who is the waiting call when you are talking from your landline phone , the essential requirement will be that you have a device with a screen in which, every time you are called, the number or contact that is calling you appears.

To check who is calling you from your landline, you must hire the Vodafone caller ID service with which for just 2 euros a month, you can see who is calling you, not only as a call waiting, but with any of them. This is an optional service that you can hire and deactivate whenever you want.

Unlimited rates for calls on hold

As we have mentioned, if you want to make all your calls without fear of being put on hold, the best thing to do is to have a rate with unlimited calls . In Vodafone you can find unlimited calls in mobile-only rates, or in convergent mobile and internet rates.

If you want a mobile-only rate , the best option you can choose is the Vodafone Unlimited data rates . These rates include unlimited data to surf the internet and also unlimited calls so you can make as many calls as you want, even if they put the call on hold.

If you prefer a more complete rate, which includes internet for your home, Vodafone One rates are the solution. In this case, you will have to choose between 300Mb, 600Mb or 1Gbps of symmetric fiber and combine them with unlimited data and calls .

Vodafone Unlimited Plus Mobile Contract:  Without permanence Data Unlimited

Calls Unlimited Coverage Vodafone

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Vodafone Unlimited Advanced Mobile Contract:  Without permanence Data Unlimited

CallsUnlimited Coverage Vodafone

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One unlimited Advanced 1Gbps Mobile Internet Permanent Contract:  12 months Data Unlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)1 Gbps Mobile calls Unlimited

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