Learn about the benefits of Vodafone Gold customers

The Vodafone Gold Customer loyalty program is no longer available . This program allowed the company’s clients to obtain discounts and advantages over other users. Although you can no longer be a Gold customer at Vodafone, you can continue to enjoy great benefits with the rest of the operator’s loyalty programs.What do I need to know?

Gold Vodafone customer requirements

Although it is no longer available, the only requirements to be a Vodafone Gold customer were to be a customer of the operator and have a monthly expense in the company of between € 34 and € 49 . In this way, any private client who had contracted a rate or rates for this monthly price automatically entered the program.

If the monthly consumption was higher, it could belong to other levels of the loyalty program, such as Platinum customers or Diamond customers

The loyalty programs with benefits for Vodafone customers have changed over time. For example, before, the loyalty points system was used that you could later exchange for discounts on mobile phones. Currently Vodafone has opted for a new loyalty program called Vodafone Happy .

Promotions for being a Gold customer were not available to Vodafone business customers . If you want to know the benefits of being a freelance customer, SME or Vodafone company, consult your Vodafone Empresas Customer Area or call 910 053 495 .

Gold customers Vodafone advantages

Vodafone’s now-defunct Gold customer program allowed them to benefit from a large number of advantages. These were :

  • Personalized attention for Vodafone Gold customers 24 hours a day through the number 910 053 468, with a minimum wait.
  • After-sales service with a 50% discount on the repair of your out-of-warranty mobile, offering you a replacement mobile similar to yours during the repair period.
  • Discounts on major brands with the Partner program
  • In addition, 3% discount on purchases made through your Vodafone Gold Visa card that was deducted from your Vodafone bill .

How do I know if I am a Vodafone Gold customer?

To be a Gold customer at Vodafone, you should have contracted services in the company for a value between 34 and 49 euros per month, a requirement to belong to this loyalty segment.

By contracting one of Vodafone’s fiber rates, you practically guarantee that you belong to Vodafone’s Gold customers. In addition, you can add a mobile line or Vodafone TV to the fiber rates .

Become Vodafone by contracting a One rate and add the following additional services to your package:

  • Vodafone mobile insurance
  • Hire an additional line at Vodafone
  • Get the Bankinter Vodafone card
  • Enjoy Amazon Prime for free with Vodafone
  • Activate HBO with Vodafone

The Vodafone Gold client program is no longer available . However, you can take advantage of the new Vodafone loyalty programs , such as the Happy program, with which you can get discounts and experiences.

Unlimited Home 3.0 Mobile Internet PermanentTV Contract:  12 months Data Unlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)600 MbpsMobile callsUnlimited

TV channels Inimitable Movies and SeriesFirst 3 months, 50% discountFree registration, router and installationWith Promo57, € 50month3 months No promo115€month After I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 878 492

300Mbps Fiber Optic Internet Permanent Contract:  12 monthsSpeed ​​(symmetric)300 Mbps

Calls (landline to landline)UnlimitedCoverageVodafone, MovistarExclusive by phoneFinal price30, € 99month I’m interested Prices subject to VATFind out for free900 920 786

One unlimited Advanced 1Gbps Mobile Internet Permanent Contract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)1 GbpsMobile callsUnlimited

Mobile coverageVodafoneFirst 3 months, 50% discount1 year second unlimited mobile line FREEWith Promo35, € 99month3 monthsNo promo71, € 99month After I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 786

Even so, regardless of whether you are a Vodafone Gold customer or not, when you finish your stay with the operator, you can call and check the available offers .

They could offer you exclusive discounts on smartphones or rates by renewing your stay at Vodafone again . Depending on your needs and the type of services you have contracted, they could offer you different discounts, it is not the same to have a rate with a high or lower monthly fee.

What is the telephone number for Vodafone Gold Customers?

This loyalty program is no longer available on Vodafone, so the exclusive phone for Vodafone Gold Customers is no longer operational . However, you will be able to consult your doubts or solve your problems by calling 900 920 786 , the Vodafone customer service phone , where they will help you with everything you need.

Vodafone’s Gold Customer phone promised less waiting time and was available 24 hours a day. But unfortunately, Vodafone no longer offers this service.

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