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Vodafone Protect, the anti-theft protection service for mobiles, is no longer available from the operator . Even so, we tell you the features and functions offered by this service and what alternatives the operator offers to protect your smartphone.Discover Vodafone servicesWhat do I need to know?

What is Vodafone Protect?

Vodafone Protect was a Vodafone service with which to maintain the security of our most personal device, the mobile phone . Although this service is no longer available, it offered a wide variety of tools to maintain control of your terminal.

In case of loss or theft, Vodafone Protect allows you to:

  • Know the location of the device : from the Vodafone Protect app you could know the location on the map of your smartphone, as long as it had coverage
  • Lock the terminal : if someone tried to change the SIM of your smartphone, the device would lock completely
  • Secure your personal information : you could lock your phone remotely so that no one could access your private information
  • Format your phone : this function allowed you to erase all the content saved on the device
  • Activate an audible warning : this option allowed you to activate an audible warning on your smartphone. This prompt did not stop until the Vodafone Protect PIN code was entered

As you can see, Vodafone Protect offered a multitude of very useful services, especially in case of loss or theft. The security of our smartphone was more than covered thanks to this Vodafone service. Although there is no alternative to this service, which is no longer available , you can always protect your phone against theft with Vodafone Care insurance .

Although this service is no longer available, Vodafone offers non-standard products such as the Vodafone V Pet service . This is a GPS locator designed for our pet .

There are other services such as the Vodafone Wallet , a tool to pay with your mobile phone quickly and safely, which has been replaced by the Bankinter Vodafone credit card .

Is Vodafone Protect free?

All the Vodafone Protect functions described above were totally free indefinitely , to enjoy this service you just had to activate it to have your Vodafone smartphone fully protected.

Although the basic Vodafone Protect service was free, it also had a premium function that could be optionally activated for € 1.82 / month (VAT included) and that included an antivirus for your terminal.

If you are a Vodafone employee you will be able to opt for more offers , discover all of them in the Vodafone Club .

Although Vodafone Protect is no longer available, you can purchase Vodafone’s antivirus independently. This is Vodafone’s Secure Net service , which allows you to protect your network and devices from € 1 per month or for free depending on your rate.Get Secure Net from Vodafone

Activate Vodafone Protect

The Vodafone Protect service is no longer available, so it is not possible to activate it on any Vodafone mobile. However, to activate Vodafone Protect and enjoy its functions, you only had to follow the following steps:

  1. First, download the Vodafone Protect application from your smartphone’s application store or from the Vodafone Protect website by entering your phone number
  2. Once the application was installed, it was necessary to enter your phone number and an email address to register. (No need to have Vodafone email anymore
  3. Choose a 6-digit security key . Remember, that this password is essential that you remember it to use some functions (for example, in case of resetting the phone).
    • If at any time you forget the password, contact the technical assistance department by calling 900 920 786.

Although this service is no longer operational, you can continue to protect your mobile with other Vodafone services, such as Secure Net , which will allow you to keep your mobile and your network virus-free, or Vodafone Care , which allows you to protect your mobile against breakage and theft.

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