How to put a fixed IP in Vodafone

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If you want to benefit from the advantages of configuring a fixed IP address in Vodafone, we will tell you how you can do it, whether you are a company, self-employed or individual . If you are a private individual, you can establish a fixed IP on the Vodafone router with which you can access the files on your computer from outside the home, among other things.Contact VodafoneWhat do I need to know?

Do you have problems with the Vodafone fixed IP?

If you need help to configure the Vodafone IP, whether you are a private individual, company or self-employed person, here is the way to contact Vodafone for free:

  • The Vodafone toll-free telephone number for individuals is 22123
  • The Vodafone toll-free number for companies is 910 053 495
  • Vodafone’s free phone number for freelancers is 910 053 480

What is a Vodafone fixed IP for?

IP (Internet Protocol), which in Spanish means internet protocol , is one of the most common elements in the internet world. Web pages, computers, routers or any device that uses the network is assigned an IP address.

It is a communication protocol through the internet to identify each user when they are connected, let’s say it could be like the DNI within the network . As for the IP address, it is the number that is assigned to you on the network, for example

The fixed IP (also called static) means that our assigned IP address will not change at any time, we will always have the same number assigned. So what is a Vodafone fixed IP for?

  • Connection to FTP or Web servers :
    • If you are a company, you can offer services to your clients or employees to host Web, Intranet or Extranet pages from your servers
  • Access from anywhere :
    • You will be able to access the files that you have stored on your computer from another place by accessing through the fixed IP.
    • If you have a company, your employees can connect easily and securely as if they were in the office from anywhere. Perfect for telecommuting
  • Video surveillance :
    • You will be able to access an external service so that you have controlled your video surveillance or alarm systems
  • Remote control of applications :
    • Automate and manage your business applications

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Differences between fixed and dynamic IP

Unlike the fixed IP, a dynamic IP regularly changes our IP address . Therefore, our assigned identification address is not always the same, we are assigned new addresses.

The advantages of a dynamic IP is that it is not so easy to identify ourselves with a specific address, therefore, there is greater security . We will be more protected against external attacks that try to access our computer.

Fixed IP price on Vodafone

At the moment, only those clients who have contracted a freelance or micro-business product can contract a Vodafone fixed IP . The price of the Vodafone fixed IP is € 36.30 for registration , with a monthly fee of € 18.15 , VAT included. This means that you can contract a fixed IP in private Vodafone.

You can hire a Vodafone fixed IP for your business through any of these ways:

  • Calling Vodafone customer service
  • From the Vodafone website

How to put fixed IP in Vodafone router?

If you are an individual, you will not be able to contract the Vodafone fixed IP service, but you can configure it from the Vodafone router . Although it is more a dynamic redirection (Dynamic DNS) instead of establishing a fixed IP, the results will be similar, to do this, follow these steps:

  1. First, you must enter the Vodafone router :
    • Open the browser of your computer (connected to the router), enter the address ( and press enter. Put the username and password that come on the sticker under the router, if it doesn’t work for you, try using the word vodafone as username and password .
  2. When you have accessed the router’s configuration panel, enable the “Expert mode” that you will find at the top.
  3. Now, follow the following navigation path: Internet> DNS & DDNS> Enable dynamic DNS
  4. Within the “Provider” section, we select the option no-ip.com. You will have to register on that web page to use that provider, it is free
  5. After registering, go to the following sections: Dynamic DNS> No-IP Hostnames> Create hostname
  6. When you are in “Create hostname”, fill in the following fields:
    • Hostn ame: put a name to identify the host
    • Domain: enter a domain name
    • Record type: DNS Host (A)
    • IPV4 Address: enter your IP, you can find it at (quémiip.com)
    • Hit “Create Hostname” to save the changes
    • Once created, an email will arrive every 30 days to confirm our host, that we continue to use it
  7. Now, we return to the panel of our router, just fill in the fields and press apply:
    • Provider: no-ip.com
    • Domain name: the domain name you have chosen earlier
    • Account and password: use the account and password with which you registered on no-ip.com

Finally, if in “DDNS Status” we see that it is active, the configuration has been done correctly. It should be noted that this can be a solution to put a fixed fiber IP in the Vodafone router for individuals , if you are a company it is much more reliable to hire the Vodafone fixed IP service .Vodafone DNS router

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Put fixed IP on PS4 Vodafone

If you want to put a fixed IP on your PS4 Vodafone , or even on your PS5, what you will have to do is follow these steps:

  • Enter your console settings
  • Then enter the Network section
  • Click Set up internet connection
  • Select the connection you want, wifi or ethernet
  • Then open the ports of the PS4 or PS5 router

To increase the connection speed, you have the possibility to open the ports of PS4 Vodafone in a few simple steps.

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