How to open the ports of the PS4 Vodafone and what it is for

Opening the ports of your PS4 with Vodafone is the best option to get the most out of your console and take advantage of all the speed of your internet rate. Open the ports from the network settings of your Play Station and enjoy the speed.What do I need to know?

Why open PS4 Vodafone ports

Before we tell you what is the importance or use of opening the ports of your PS4, it is necessary that you know what NAT is .

NAT or Network Address Translation is the mechanism that allows two devices of a network to understand each other, that is, it is responsible for two points of a network to understand each other , by translating the language used by these devices.

NAT allows several computers to connect using only a single IP address, in this case, what it allows is that the Vodafone router connects and communicates properly with the PlayStation 4 and allows us to play online without any problem.

There can be two cases in which your router and PS4 do not understand each other. Both problems are solved by opening the ports of the PS4 Vodafone

The first one is that the PS4 does not connect to the internet because the ports it uses for it are simply not open.

The second case is that the PlayStation 4 connects to the router and you can play, but the connection is not quite good .

Opening the ports of the PS4 Vodafone allows you to improve the Play connection to the Internet and, therefore, you can play online making the most of the speed you have contracted.

In addition, this technique can help you improve the connection of other devices that you have at home or even access services that appear blocked due to the router configuration. For example, you can open emule ports on the vodafone router to access this platform.

However, something that you have to be clear from the beginning is that in order to play the PS4 console in multiplayer mode online or alone , you have to have a good internet connection and a PlayStation Network account, and this is achieved , among other things with an adequate interet rate and opening the ports.

To get the most out of your PS4 online game, you need a fiber rate of at least 600 megabytes. Improve your Vodafone rate to play the PlayStation with a free phone call 900 920 786

How to open PS4 Vodafone ports

Opening the ports of the PS4 Vodafone is easier than you think, and you can do it yourself at home. First you must check that the ports are open, for this:

  • Access the network settings of your PS4.
  • Do a connection test through NAT 1, NAT 2, and NAT 3.
  • If the connection is bad it is possible that the ports are closed.

It is advisable that you make the connection through NAT 1, that is, that your PS4 and your router connect directly through the PlayStation Network servers. If you see that it is NAT 2 or NAT 3, it is likely that the ports are closed and that for this reason, your console does not connect well to the internet or the connection is not entirely good.

The PS4 ports that you have to open in order not to have any problems with your connection are the following:

  • TPC ports: 80, 443, 5223 and 10070 – 10080
  • UDP ports: 3478, 3479, 3658 and 10070

Next, you will need to assign your console a fixed IP address . To do this, go to Settings> Network> Configure internet connection. Then select WiFi or Ethernet depending on how you want the connection to be.

Finally, use your computer to open the ports of the PS4 . Enter your browser and type the IP address in the search bar.

With this you can enter the configuration of your Vodafone router , now you only have to open the ports that we have mentioned before that could be closed, and you will find them in the advanced configuration.

Although it is logical, we remind you that, to open the ports of the PS4 Vodafone, you must be connected to the router you want to configure. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the WPS button on the Vodafone router , which will allow you to access the network without having to enter the password.

Open PS4 ports with Vodafone: alternatives

If after opening the ports of the PS4 with Vodafone you still notice that the connection of your console is not adequate, you can update the Vodafone fiber router , since the error may be due to a failure in the factory configuration of this .

However, if this is not effective, the best alternative will be to do a Vodafone fiber speed test to check the internet speed of your rate, since you may need a faster rate. To improve your Vodafone fiber rate, a call to the free phone number 900 920 786 is enough .

When playing online video games with your PS4, your fiber speed should be 600Mbps or, if there are many devices connected at the same time in your house, 1Gb. This will avoid cuts or jerks in your games.

In Vodafone you can find two types of internet rates , it depends on whether you only want it to have fiber and a fixed telephone, or if you prefer a convergent rate. The fiber speeds at which you will be able to navigate depend on the type of rate you choose:

  • Internet rates: 300Mb, 600Mb or 1Gbps
  • Convergent rates: 300Mb, 600Mb or 1Gbps

Convergent rates, known as Vodafone One , include a mobile line and Vodafone TV service in the same package. So you will enjoy the best connection speed, unlimited data on your mobile and Vodafone TV with HBO for free.

One unlimited Advanced 600Mb MobileInternetPermanentContract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)600 MbpsMobile callsUnlimited

Mobile coverageVodafoneFirst 6 months, 50% discount1 year second unlimited mobile line FREEWith Promo30, € 99month6 monthsNo promo61, € 99 month After I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 786

One unlimited Plus 1Gbps Mobile Internet Permanent Contract:  12 months Data Unlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)1 Gbps Mobile calls Unlimited

Mobile coverageVodafoneFirst 6 months, 50% discount1 year second unlimited mobile line FREEWith Promo42, € 49month6 monthsNo promo84, € 99monthAfter I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Fi nd out for free 900 920 786

600Mbps fiber Internet Permanent Contract:  12 months Speed ​​(symmetric)600 Mbps

Calls (landline to landline)UnlimitedCoverageVodafone, MovistarFirst 12 months, 25% discountFree registration, router and installation With Promo30, € 99 month12 months No promo40, € 99month After I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free 900 920 786

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