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The phones for over Vodafone will allow finding the right phone to the needs of the older house. Vodafone offers different models, all of them simple, intuitive, durable and, above all, inexpensive. Find out which models for seniors Vodafone offers and their featuresNeed help?What do I need to know?

What are Vodafone’s mobiles for seniors?

The phones for over Vodafone are the phones that fit perfectly to the type of use, both in intensity and in applications used by the elderly. With them you can enjoy the same benefits as the rest but with more comfort, with its enhanced simplicity and, above all, for much less money.

You will find a wide variety of devices for the elderly at Vodafone, from simple mobile phones with a cover to some more modern ones. In essence, there are two Vodafone mobiles for seniors : the Doro 508 and the Alcatel 20.00 .Get your mobile with Vodafone

Currently, Vodafone mobiles for seniors are part of the Vodafone Fácil service .

This also includes a prepaid mobile rate with which they will pay just enough for their calls and for being able to use the internet for its most widespread uses: social networks, online search engines and instant messaging such as WhatsApp.

Vodafone Easy MobilePrepaidDataNo data

Calls€ 0.06 / minCoverageVodafone

Connection speed WITHOUT CONNECTION Vodafone Minimum Recharge Final price0€ I’m interested Prices subject to VAT

Customers who have chosen the prepaid mode do not have the option of paying the terminal in installments, that is, Vodafone prepaid mobile phones must be paid in a single installment, but they are free. You will not have to unlock your Vodafone mobile if at any given moment you decide to change company.

Doro 508 on Vodafone

The Doro 508 is one of Vodafone’s most sought-after senior phones. This mobile phone is very simple, with physical buttons and quite light. It is especially indicated for those elderly with some type of hearing impairment or mild visual impairment.

As features, it stands out that it is compatible with hearing aids (a device increasingly used by our elders), large keys and large font sizes on the screen.

In addition, the Doro 508 has an emergency call button, a claim already present in this type of mobile phone.

Here are the technical characteristics of the Doro 508 :

  • Big keys
  • Extra loud sound
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Flashlight
  • FM Radio
  • Direct emergency button

Alcatel 20.00 on Vodafone

The Alcatel 20.00 is Vodafone’s second commitment to mobile phones for the elderly. This has the same characteristics as the previous one, being a lightweight device with large keys that look good. In addition, it has direct access options and is also hearing aid compatible.

The characteristic highlighted by the operator himself is that it has a long-lasting battery. In this way, the family ensures that there is less chance of forgetting to charge or running out of battery when leaving.

In this case, the emergency button on the Alcatel 20.00 is programmable. In this way, the family will be able to have an extra security before a certain activity of the eldest of the house.

These are the characteristics of the Alcatel 20.00 for adults :

  • Sharp color display
  • Light
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • FM Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Loud sound in earphone
  • Long duration battery
  • Base charger
  • Programmable emergency button

Other Vodafone mobiles for seniors

It is also possible to get a mobile model for the elderly outside of the Vodafone Fácil rate, either with the Vodafone One rates or the contract Vodafone mobile rates . Within the operator’s mobile catalog we can find three mobiles for the elderly:

  • Alcatel 3080 : With a winning combination of keyboard and 2.4-inch screen, this model offers great durability, making it the perfect companion for the day to day.
  • Alcatel 2019G : a light and intuitive model that also comes with a charging base so that running out of battery is a thing of the past. Even so, its functionalities are more complete, which can be messy for some older people.
  • Nokia 3310 : the modern version of the great Nokia classic. A versatile and quality device that also has a long-lasting battery

These models are a great alternative if the number for which we want to buy the mobile already has a contract rate in Vodafone or if, for example, it is part of the family package within a One or Unlimited Home rate. Thus, it is not necessary to change the rate to get a simple and intuitive mobile at the best price.

And if we are looking for a smartphone with all the features because our elders are also learning to use new technologies and do not want to limit themselves to such simple phones, we can always resort to the Samsung Galaxy, with a handling that is quite easy to assimilate.Samsung Galaxu S10 Plus Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S10 with Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S10E Vodafone

Vodafone Unlimited Essential MobileContract:  Without permanenceDataUnlimited


Connection speed3GFirst 3 months, 50% discountFree registration or portabilityWith Promo17, € 49month3 monthsNo promo3. 4, € 99monthAfter I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 785

One unlimited Advanced 1Gbps MobileInternetPermanentContract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)1 GbpsMobile callsUnlimited

Mobile coverageVodafoneFirst 6 months, 50% discount1 year second unlimited mobile line FREEWith Promo35, € 99month6 monthsNo promo71, € 99monthAfter I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 786

Unlimited Home 2.0 MobileInternetPermanentTVContract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)600 MbpsMobile callsUnlimited

TV channels Inimitable Movies and SeriesFirst 6 months, 50% discount Free registration, router and installation With Promo fifty€ month6 months No promo 100€month After I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free 900 878 492

Advantages of Vodafone mobiles for seniors

The phones for over Vodafone have a distinct advantage for this audience, and that makes them easier life. With this type of device, it is much easier for them to access the new uses that we give to smartphones.

Thanks to the large keys and a larger font size on the screen, you will be able to see everything without problems. In addition, in terms of sound, it is undoubtedly an extra that they are compatible with the hearing aids of the elders of the family. And, in any case, they have higher volume powers both for the headset and for the sound of calls.

On the other hand, Vodafone mobile phones for the elderly are also compatible with the Vodafone telecare system . This system can now also be integrated into your V Home by Vodafone , so do not hesitate to contact a Vodafone expert to tell you about all the possibilities you have to ensure the safety of your elders at home.

What is the price of Vodafone mobile phones for the elderly?

The price of Vodafone mobile phones for seniors will depend on the selected model and the contracted rate . The senior models currently available from Vodafone have the following prices :

Vodafone Senior Phones
Alcatel 3080128MB internal storage4G network compatible€ 27
Alcatel 2019G16GB of internal storage4G network compatible€ 27
Nokia 331016MB internal storage4G network compatible1200 mAh battery€ 39

Although the prices of Vodafone terminals for seniors are quite similar , it will be necessary to take into account the characteristics of each of the models to find the most suitable device for our seniors.

You can find these smartphones on the Vodafone website . You can buy one in the online store and request that it be sent to an official store of the operator or to the address that you indicate and you can see a follow-up of your Vodafone order through the app.

Vodafone Senior Phone

Another of the most demanded options is the Vodafone telephone for the elderly. This is basically a fixed telephone rate for the elderly , that is, a fixed line at home with some limitations that make it really attractive for this group.

With this type of Vodafone landline rate, you can have just enough so that they do not overpay for services or benefits they do not use. Without complications and with total simplicity.

This is the Vodafone Mi Fijo rate , which includes unlimited calls to any type of number so that they can use it as many times as they need.

Vodafone Landline PermanentContract:  12 monthsCalls (landline to landline)Unlimited

Calls (landline to mobile) Unlimited Coverage Vodafone, Movistar The usual phone Final price13€ month I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free 900 920 786

Get the best mobile with Vodafone Call for free and find out 900 920 786

In the event of any problem with your line or with one of the devices that you have purchased, you can make the queries you need by calling the Vodafone technical service for individuals .

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