The best offers to buy the iPhone with Vodafone

The operator’s customers can choose from more than 30 Apple terminals within its store. Of course, the conditions to buy the iPhone with Vodafone include some commitments that code-cache has analyzed to avoid surprises.

In this article you can find out about:

  1. What models does Vodafone sell of the iPhone?
  2. The conditions to buy an iPhone with Vodafone
  3. The offers to get an iPhone with Vodafone at the best price
  4. Operator offers to buy the iPhone 
  5. Discover other options to finance the new iPhone 

The new iPhone 13 are already a reality. The new Apple family lands again with four models: iPhone 13, Mini, Pro and Pro Max . The first two are the cheapest and the last two, the ones that get the most important improvements, as in previous years. With the official prices already in the fore (the cheapest does not fall below 800 euros), it is now a good time to review the rates to buy the iPhone from some telecoms, including Vodafone . For example, if you choose to buy iPhones with Vodafone, you can pay them in installments or in cash, always free of interest. 

What models does Vodafone sell of the iPhone?

Vodafone has already incorporated the iPhone 13 to its Apple mobile catalog , where the iPhone 11, SE, 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are also found , always with different capacities and in different colors. However, the official sale of the most recent terminals of the Cupertino brand is from September 24, so, for now, you can only reserve your iPhone with Vodafone .

So that you can get hold of these mobiles with Vodafone and thus renew your phone taking advantage of the arrival of the newest version, at code-cache we have analyzed the specific offers that the operator has been making for some of the latest iPhones presented in this and previous years:

  • Buy iPhone 11 with Vodafone
  • Buy iPhone 12 with Vodafone
  • Buy iPhone 13 with Vodafone

The conditions to buy an iPhone with Vodafone

Even the best mobiles in the Vodafone catalog -iPhone included- have the same purchase conditions: the user can pay in cash or in installments .

  • Cash payment: the user will pay a single installment with the total amount of the phone. This price does not have to coincide with Apple’s sale price, but you can buy the iPhone with Vodafone at the price set by the operator.
  • Payment in installments: Vodafone gives you the possibility of paying for your phone in monthly installments, to which is added a higher initial installment that you will pay in the first month. To do this, in addition, you will have to have a mobile rate contracted in the company (the same happens if you buy it in cash). In the case of the iPhone 13, the rate to contract is the Unlimited One Plus. In addition, for this phone the maximum term to pay it is 37 months.

In addition to the telephone, it is important that you calculate what it will cost you to pay for the rate you hire –the operator sells their devices free, but only for customers with at least one mobile line-. So that you get the math, we have analyzed what the iPhone cost with Vodafone available today in your store. The catalog includes several versions of the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 , iPhone SE , iPhone 12 , 12 Mini and 12 Pro . Now the iPhone 13 is also added.

Installment price with initial installment and in cash with Vodafone rates

iPhone XR 2 64 GB€ 12.50 / month€ 72€ 522
iPhone SE 2 Edition 64 GB€ 6.75 / month€ 162€ 405
iPhone 11 64GB Edition€ 9.5 / month€ 235.33€ 577.33
iPhone 12 Mini 64 GB€ 11.5 / month€ 289.33€ 703.33
iPhone 12 64GB€ 13.25 / month€ 325.33€ 802.33
iPhone 12 Pro 128GB€ 17.5 / month€ 433.33€ 1,063.33
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB€ 18.75 / month€ 460.33€ 1,135.33
iPhone 13 Mini 128GB€ 17.00 / month€ 72€ 702
iPhone 13 128GB€ 19.75 / month€ 72€ 801
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB€ 26 / month€ 72€ 1,026
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB€ 28.50 / month€ 72€ 1,116

Source. Vodafone portal, consulted on 09/20/2021. For each of the forms of payment, the option with which the iPhone is cheaper has been selected.

The offers to get an iPhone with Vodafone at the best price

Unlimited PlusUnlimitedMOBILE CALLSUnlimited dataMOBILE DATA€ 24.00FIRST 3 MONTHSAFTER € 47.99FREE CALL900920533

One Unlimited Plus 300 Mb – 2 lines300MbSYMMETRIC FIBERUnlimited dataMOBILE DATAUnlimitedMOBILE CALLS€ 34.99FIRST 6 MONTHSAFTER € 69.99FREE CALL900920743

One Unlimited Plus 300 Mb x2 – 2 lines300MbSYMMETRIC FIBERUnlimited dataMOBILE DATAUnlimitedMOBILE CALLS€ 42.49FIRST 6 MONTHSAFTER 84.99 €FREE CALL900920743

Source: code-cache with data from the operators. The table reflects the Vodafone Unlimited Plus rates for mobile only and One Unlimited Plus with fiber and mobile, ordered by their total annual fee, effective as of 09/15/2021. The information reflected in the tables corresponds to the most recent and updated prices and rates provided by the operators.

As we have mentioned, any of the best Vodafone rates with a mobile line (unlimited data or not) is enough to access the operator’s mobile catalog. Of course, if your priority is also that the terminal is as cheap as possible, you will have to go to the two most expensive offers: the Unlimited Plus, which have a version with and without optical fiber . With the mobile-only one, which includes unlimited gigs to navigate at the maximum speed allowed by the Vodafone network, you will pay 47.99 euros . If you add 300 Mb fiber, the price goes up to 69.99 euros . Although both have a 50% discount in the first three monthsIn case the cost outside of promotion seems very high, you can review other cheaper Internet, TV and mobile operator proposals – always bearing in mind that the terminal fee will increase with them. 

Operator offers to buy the iPhone 

If the Vodafone iPhone offer seems expensive or you prefer to review other options before committing during the 36 months that the company requires customers who defer their payments, you can always take a look at the rest of the analysis focused on the mobile of the firm. Cupertino that in code-cache we are updating with the plans of the main companies.

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Discover other options to finance the new iPhone 

The iPhone financing options do not end with the operators: banks and stores also allow you to postpone payment without having to link the purchase to a mobile rate. Now, you have to watch the interests and other requirements, so we have also prepared a selection of articles dedicated to you to pay as little as possible to renew your phone. 

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