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The tariffs Vodafone Internet VDSL allow you to enjoy a greater speed than traditional ADSL users who do not have coverage fiber. To contract this service you only have to call 900 920 786 , where you can check your coverage and modalities of this service.Find out for free at Vodafone

RateSpeedCalls (landline to landline)CoveragePromoted pricePriceHow to hire
Yuser fiber600 Mbps  (Symmetric)UnlimitedVodafone, MovistarNo promo€ 32 / month900 920 142
300Mbps Fiber Optic300 Mbps  (Symmetric)UnlimitedVodafone, MovistarNo promo€ 30.99 / month900 920 786
600Mbps fiber600 Mbps  (Symmetric)UnlimitedVodafone, Movistar€ 30.99 / month
12 months
€ 40.99 / month
900 920 786
1Gbps Fiber Optic1 Gbps  (Symmetric)UnlimitedVodafone, Movistar€ 40.99 / month
12 months
€ 55.99 / month
900 920 786

Source: code-cache, using its price comparison from the official information provided and / or advertised by the telephone companies. The rates for individuals without internet permanence and Vodafone landline are shown. Sorted by best rate. Final prices with VAT. Updated to Wednesday, September 22, 2021.What do I need to know?

What is VDSL internet?

VDSL Internet , which stands for “Very high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line”, is a technology for broadband internet access. This connection is an evolution of ADSL , offering a faster connection speed , although in no case does it come close to a fiber optic connection.Vodafone ADSL coverage map

As with ADSL, the actual connection you will receive in your home will depend on different factors , such as the distance to the central station that emits the signal or the attenuation, and may be different from the contracted speed.

Vodafone’s VDSL internet is called ADSL Turbo with download speeds of up to 35 Mbps and 3.5 Mbps upload .

However, with VDSL internet, in ideal conditions a speed of up to a maximum of 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload could be achieved. Although reaching that speed with this technology is quite unlikely.

Is VDSL internet available on Vodafone

VDSL can only be contracted in case of not having fiber optics . In this case, you can choose between ADSL and VDSL, which have a wider deployment and reach all areas. However, if our address has fiber coverage, we will not be able to contract VDSL.ADSL offers at Vodafone

VDSL internet is an older technology than fiber optics , therefore, as long as we have Vodafone fiber coverage, the operator will offer us the latter. With Vodafone fiber optic rates , we will have symmetric connections of up to 300 Mbps, 600 Mbps or even 1 Gbps.

How to contract VDSL on Vodafone?

To contract VDSL from Vodafone you just have to call 900 920 786 . There they will help you check if the service is available at your home and the options you have to hire it. In any case, you must meet these two requirements :

  • That the type of coverage that reaches your home is direct access ADSL coverage .
    • Direct access is understood to be those areas that Vodafone’s own VDSL installation reaches, not other operators.
  • That the length of the connection cable between the control panel and your home is less than 900 meters. From that distance, the VDSL service loses a lot of connection speed

What VDSL Vodafone rates are there: options

Vodafone’s VDSL rates will have the same characteristics and conditions as the 300Mbps fiber optic rates , except for the connection speed, which will be much lower. Therefore, we can find two types of VDSL in Vodafone :

  • Internet-only rates : VDSL + landline
  • Convergent rates : VDSL + mobile + TV + landline

300Mbps Fiber Optic InternetPermanentContract:  12 monthsSpeed ​​(symmetric)300 Mbps

Calls (landline to landline)UnlimitedCoverageVodafone, MovistarExclusive by phoneFinal price30, € 99month I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 786

You can add a mobile line to Vodafone’s VDSL internet, choosing between one of the basic rates with 30GB or choosing one of the unlimited rates to browse more with your mobile. Among the unlimited rates, on your mobile line you have four options, to navigate without limits:

  • Vodafone Lite : with 30GB and unlimited minutes
  • Vodafone Unlimited Essential :  with unlimited data and calls with recommended use in chats, social networks and Email
  • Vodafone Unlimited Advanced :  unlimited data and minutes with recommended use in chats, social networks, Email, videos, download files, navigation and music
  • Vodafone Unlimited Plus :  maximum connection speed on your mobile to browse or use chats, social networks, Email, videos, navigation, music, high-quality videos, video calls, download files or upload large files

In addition, until September 30, you will be able to choose with the Vodafone Dual Discount the promotion you want to apply to your One Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Advanced rate; one 50% for six months or 25% for 12 months , the option more long – term discount.

One unlimited Advanced 1Gbps MobileInternetPermanentContract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)1 GbpsMobile callsUnlimited

Mobile coverageVodafoneFirst 6 months, 50% discount1 year second unlimited mobile line FREEWith Promo35, € 99month6 monthsNo promo71, € 99monthAfter I’m interested Prices subject to VATFind out for free900 920 786

Vodafone Lite MobileContract:  Without permanenceData4GB

Calls200 minCoverageVodafone

Connection speed5G5G Vodafone networkFinal price19, € 99month I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 785

One unlimited Advanced 600Mb MobileInternetPermanentContract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)600 MbpsMobile callsUnlimited

Mobile coverageVodafoneFirst 6 months, 50% discount1 year second unlimited mobile line FREEWith Promo30, € 99month6 monthsNo promo61, € 99monthAfter I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 786

Vodafone Unlimited Advanced MobileContract:  Without permanenceDataUnlimited


Connection speed4GFirst 3 months, 50% discountFree registration or portabilityWith Promo19, € 49month3 monthsNo promo38, € 99monthAfter I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 785

One unlimited Plus 1Gbps MobileInternetPermanentContract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Speed ​​(symmetric)1 GbpsMobile callsUnlimited

Mobile coverageVodafoneFirst 6 months, 50% discount1 year second unlimited mobile line FREEWith Promo42, € 49month6 monthsNo promo84, € 99monthAfter I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 786

In addition, VDSL Vodafone rates are also compatible with the operator’s television , Vodafone TV . For an additional fee, you can add the different television packages or getting channels such as Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime channel Dark from Vodafone or football from Vodafone among others.

You can even access the operator’s exclusive promotion where you can get HBO Vodafone for  free in the Seriefans and Serielovers packages (activation being required), in order to enjoy the best content in series and movies. I’m interested

What commitment do the Vodafone VDSL rates have?

The VDSL internet rates will have a 12-month period of permanence in any of their modalities , both for those that only include the internet connection, and for those that also include a mobile line and television service.

Regarding the television packages that you hire individually, there is no type of commitment , you can hire them or cancel them whenever you want. Just keep in mind, cancel the package before the billing cycle starts again because then you will be charged for the entire month.

In the case of early cancellation of Vodafone, we could incur a penalty of up to € 150 for installation, since it is only free in exchange for the 12 months of permanence. Likewise, you have a period of 30 days to return the equipment from the day of the communication or request to cancel the operator.

How to install the Vodafone VDSL router

Vodafone’s VDSL rates include the VDSL router free of charge, although in case of cancellation you will have to return it to the operator. To install the Vodafone VDSL router you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Check the content of your VDSL routerThe router box should include the router, its power cord, and the ADSL cable.
  2. Connect the router to the powerUse the power cord to plug in the VDSL router
  3. Connect the router to the VDSL networkInsert the ADSL cable into the ADSL line and the other end into the corresponding port of the router
  4. Turn on the routerWhen you turn on the device, the internet and phone lights should light up, it may take a few minutes to connect
  5. Connect your devicesWith the network name and password that appear on the router, you can connect all your devices to the Vodafone VDSL network

Although to install the router we are using an ADSL cable, as well as a socket for this connection, this does not mean that the speed we receive is not that of VDSL . VDSL uses the same technology as ADSL but offers higher speed.

In case your VDSL router does not work properly it may be broken. For those cases, you can always call the Vodafone breakdown number .

Do you want to speak to an expert?Call for free and find out900 920 786

Alternatives to VDSL from Vodafone

It may in the place where the connection reside fiber, VDSL and ADSL Vodafone yet have deployed. Don’t worry, there are other options at your fingertips. One of them is the Vodafone 4G at home , for which the operator has created the One Conecta tariff .

In this case, you will have a self-installing MiFi Vodafone 4G router to be able to enjoy the rate.

Vodafone One Connect Mobile InternetPermanentContract:  12 monthsDataUnlimited

Calls (landline to mobile)UnlimitedSpeed4G +

CoverageVodafone4G speed at 20MbpsFinal price54, € 99month I’m interested Prices subject to VAT Find out for free900 920 786

And another option that you also have at your disposal to be able to surf the internet with Vodafone is to share the data of your mobile rate with other devices. Before it was possible to buy the Vodafone portable Wi-Fi modem , but this device is no longer available in the operator’s catalog.

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