Spotify codes: what are they, how to display them, and how to read them

We are going to explain what Spotify Codes are and how they work , an internal Spotify system that becomes an alternative to QR codes , and that is used to share profiles or songs. It’s only available on the service’s mobile apps, but it can still help you speed up the process of sharing items.

We are going to start by explaining to you in the simplest and most understandable way what exactly these codes are. And then, we will go on to tell you step by step how you can generate them, to end by telling you how to read them from your Spotify application.

What are Spotify codes

The Spotify Codes or Spotify codes are a system of codes that can be scanned with the Spotify application itself to access content. They are a kind of internal version of QRs , but with a look that is also reminiscent of barcodes.

The code is made up of an image and the code itself. This code looks like a row of bars of different sizes. It is like a barcode, but with bars of different sizes as if they were sound waves instead of using different thicknesses. In practice, it is scanned with the camera of the Spotify app as if it were a QR code.

These codes continue to share two types of content . On the one hand, they can act as a business card with which to share your Spotify profile without having to spell your profile name. You simply show the code, and when the other person analyzes it, they can automatically access your profile.

On the other hand, it also serves to share songs, artists, albums or playlists in a simple way. In this way, you will not need to repeat to that friend three times the name of that band that they had never heard of. Everything will be shared in a very simple way.

How to generate the Spotify Codes

To share the Spotify code from your profile , you have to go to the Spotify settings and click on your profile, which appears at the top. This will take you to the profile with your data, where you have to click on the button ⋮ with three dots that you have at the top right. The sharing window will open, where your profile will appear first.

To share the code of songs, artists, playlists and albums , the procedure is the same. You have to click on that element that you want to share, and click on the ⋮ button with three dots that you will have within the file of each one of them. Doing so will open the share menu where you will see different options depending on each item, but always with the Spotify code.

You can also share the Spotify code of your favorite podcast , both the podcast itself and any of its chapters. The way to proceed is the same, click on the three-dot ⋮ button that will appear when you enter the podcast or chapter file that you want to share. Doing so will generate the Spotify code.

There are also methods to create Spotify codes outside of the app , so that you can share them more easily from your computer. For that, you can opt for applications such as Spotify Codes , where you only have to add the link of the Spotify element you want, and a code will be generated so that you can use it.

How to scan Spotify codes

To scan a Spotify code, you have to enter your application. Once inside, click on the Search section . You have it at the bottom with the icon of a magnifying glass. You will go to the content search screen.

Within the search screen, you have to click on the search bar at the top. When you do, the screen will go black to show you only the results for what you are looking for. When this happens, click on the camera icon that will have appeared to the right of the search bar.

A module will open in which a square will appear. What you have to do is point the code with your mobile camera so that it is inside the square, and when you do, your Spotify app will open the content that has been shared with it.

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